June 23, 2024
 UPDATE- Unfortunately we were gazzumped in getting this building the search goes on……
The group have recently secured a very suitable building to be used as their Group HQ and to establish it as an Educational Resource Centre for their Scottish Home Front Collection and as a Vehicle restoration and refurbishment working museum. 
Tied in with ex military veterans and long term unemployed they are looking at offering apprenticeships in vintage military vehicle and WW2 equipment restoration, with accredited qualifications and possible full-time employment. 
There are also a lot of other subsidiary projects that will benefit local schools and community groups as well as attracting people who are interested in the local heritage and history during WW2
All of the above is pending funding and grants and the group is actively applying for many to try and secure the HQ for at least 5 years.
Likewise we are also looking to increase our board members and are looking for interested parties who could bring their expertise to the group to help them progress further.
Another search is on for business angels and mentors.
Anyone interested in any of the above please contact Major Gary Wallace in the first instance at our WDRG address. 

1 thought on “The WDRG Charity secures new HQ building!

  1. UPDATE- April 2nd We were regretably informed that the owner had leased it to another just before we signed lease for same and the delay was due to our condition survey and the factors not letting us know there was other interest in building at same time.

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