April 21, 2024

Off we trundled to Glenrothes TA Centre where this year’s northern ABF day was being held.  The day started off with a church parade and drive/ march past before all of the attendees ending up back at the TA centre.  In good old airborne tradition off they popped to the beer tent then for those who dared thereafter they came round the various stands and displays.  We set up outside the main garage and also temporarily inherited a few WW2 display items of both allied and axis  airborne armies.  There was a good flow of interested parties all day and we met many interesting veterans, especially from WW2,  and for me it was like a reunion of old mates from my Battalion in the Parachute Regiment.  Utrinque Paratus!  Thanks also goes to Cpl Neil Lennon and Mitch Curr for their assistance and valuable input.

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