May 20, 2024


Supreme Champion of Champions Trophy!

There used to be a well-used moan amongst us military vehicle types that come competition time our olive drab military vehicles would never stand a chance when placed in direct competition against all things that are very shiny.

Well at this years Thirlstane show that old saying was proved to be a myth that was well and truly busted when Gary Wallace together with his Ford GPW and Desert Patrol entourage scooped not only the Bill Ireland trophy for best military vehicle of the year, but also the SVVF Supreme Champion of Champions trophy!

Now, you can’t get an accolade higher than that in Scotland, and it’s with great pleasure that the SMVG congratulates Gary and his team for not only winning this prestigious award, but also for bringing the classic military vehicle movement to the forefront of the vintage scene in Scotland.

At last, dull paintwork, bashes, rust and loads of character have finally triumphed over mirror finish paintwork, gleaming chrome and polished walnut veneer!

It has to be said that common sense and good taste will always prevail you know…


Photography By Ricky Cruikshanks

Original source can be found here 

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