June 21, 2024


This page is reserved for Sponsors and anyone else who wishes to assist.

We are actively looking for sponsorships and donations of any amount to help with the costs of this expedition, and hopefully provide us with a sizable donation to our charities, in return we will allow space to advertise yourself or company.

A big thanks to Mitchell Curr for his donation to the expedition, we really appreciate the support!

Many Thanks to Malcolm Bogaert or his kind donation of £25, this is greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks to The Imperial War Museum for donating two tickets to the “For Your Eyes Only” display currently on. We’re sure these will raise a sizable amount form the raffle at out up-coming 40’s night. http://www.iwm.org.uk/

Many Thanks to Roberta Crisalidi, of Rolley Classic instruments, for a donation of £500. Your donation is greatfully received and will be put towards the funds for Saharan Saunter. http://www.rolleyclassic.com/ita/index.html

Once again Many Thanks to all who are helping support this expedition