June 23, 2024

B (for British) Troop

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Major (Retd) Gary A Wallace 

OC Expedition and OC UK Contingent

Professional and academic interests include Teaching of Design & Technology, Explosives Engineering and as a time served Motor Vehicle Mechanic. I have degrees in BA Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Technological Education (Hons).

I have previously worked in the Energy sector both Renewable and as an Oil Extraction Perforating Engineer.

Has lengthy transport and logisitics experience from both civilian and military disciplines.

Have been part of military for over 44 years as a Paratrooper (30 years) and part of a Transport Regiment and Infantry unit Reservist. Holding rank of Major and Officer Commanding a Headquarters Squadron in Scotland. Was previously the Signals Officer as well!

He has many wide and varied interests including skiing, martial arts (Karate, Aikido and Iaido) and American Football (played with a local amateur team for 10 years). Likes to promote chappist behaviour and to dress well with waistcoats, briar pipes, suitable hats and good brogues to the forefront.


Mitch Curr:

Historian/ Quartermaster

Mitch has a broad knowledge and experience in Historical artefacts ranging from the dark ages up to and beyond WW2. He is responsible for restoring and reproducing many items to museum quality and also works for a film company on sets and props.

Location – Glasgow, UK, Scotland

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Sgt (Retd) Iain Dargie


Iain is a busy all-rounder who is restoring our vehicles as part of the team. He has a vast experience that he applies to much of our work.

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Cpl (Retd) Derek Kerr




WO2 (Retd) Peter Scally

Quartermaster/Historian/Curator/ all-rounder

Pete has a vast collection of period uniforms, weapons, artefacts and equipment.

He is a font of all knowledge with regard to all things military. He is also a former curator of his own museum and he runs a home front living history group too!


Tom Wallace

Restorer/General mechanical operative/Health & Safety/ Loading & Slinging

Tom is our Health & Safety and Loading, moving and slinging guru

From a vast Military and Civil Engineering background his knowledge is world renowned. His restoration work and attention to detail are second to none

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Cpl (Retd) Neil Lennon:

Driver/Radio Operator

Neil is one of our Living History members who usually wears period dress from both WW1 and WW2, especially desert attire.

Location – UK, Scotland

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Donald Helsdon

Restorer/ Carpenter/all-rounder

Donald is our go to wood-worker when it comes to making artefacts, restoring items or fabricating new replica items of equipment.



‘Dutch’ Medic

Dutch is a general restorer and First Aider/Medic.


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Marek Oberil


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Colin MacDonald


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Callum King:

REME / Fitter/Electrician

Callum is responsible for Auto Electrical and Domestic/Commercial installations.

Location – East Lothians, Scotland, UK



WO2 (Retd) Stuart Kirk:

Driver/Radio Operator/Combat Medical Technician

Location – Fife, Scotland



Cpl (Retd) Malcolm Napier-Holford (aka Hyphen)
Driver/Radio Operator and Medic
Location – Fife, UK, Scotland

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Peter Gorrie


Location – Perth, Scotland UK